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Welcome to GamePack Pro!

GamePack Pro allows you to manage your estate on-line. It gives you access to reports and an analysis of the performance of your terminals and allows you to remotely configure how they operate. Combined with the automatic software updates we send to connected machines, you'll have fewer reasons to have to go out and visit them!

In addition, customers using GamePack pro can order new licences and replacement parts with the minimum of fuss in our on-line shop. And you get access to essential support and information, such as our technical bulletin service and licence dongle reactivation facility.

Just drop us an email or give us a ring to get a GamePack Pro account set up, and then login to get started...

Problems accessing GamePack pro?

Forgotten your password? Don't worry! Just send our support team an email and we'll email you back a new one.

Don't have an account at all? Ask your account supervisor! Or, failing that, get in touch and we'll create one for you!

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